How to use our products (FAQs)

What kind of Gel (Polish) is your Gel Polish?
Our Gel Polish is the regular, standard, 3-step Gel Polish, meaning that the application process involves the following three products/steps: Base Coat, Gel Polish color, and Top Coat. Only this process ensures long-lasting wear.

How do I apply Gel Polish?
Nail preparation
  1. File and shape the natural nails in the desired form using a soft file.
  2. Gently push back all cuticles from the nail plate.
  3. Remove any shine from the nail plate using a buffer, making sure to go around all of the edges of the nail.
  4. Clean the nails from any dust.
  5. Apply a layer of Dehydrator to remove any residual oils in order to prepare for better adhesion.
Gel Polish application
  1. Base Coat: Apply a thin layer and cure it under LED (30-60 seconds) or UV light (2 minutes).
  2. Gel Polish Color: Apply a first thin layer of your chosen color and cure it under LED (30-60 seconds) or UV light (2 minutes). Must be applied over My Nice Nails Base Coat (i.e. do not apply directly to the natural nail). If needed (to achieve a more intensive look), apply a second layer and cure it.
  3. Top Coat or Top Coat matte: Apply one layer and cure it under LED (30-60 seconds) or UV light (2 minutes).
Finish (recommended)
  1. For a glossy look (having used the glossy My Nice Nails Top Coat), remove the sticky layer using a glossy cleanser. In the case of a matte look (having used the no wipe My Nice Nails Top Coat matte), skip this step.
  2. Adding a drop of Cuticle Oil to each nail and rubbing it softly in the cuticles can help restore hydration defects and keep the cuticles and nails nourished and healthy.

Do I really need a Top Coat?
Yes. The Top Coat is part of the three-component system and provides a seal layer on top that protects the Gel Polish color and ensures long-lasting wear. Furthermore, it adds the finishing look to the nails: Choose between a high-gloss shine effect (using the My Nice Nails Top Coat) and a matte effect (using the My Nice Nails Top Coat matte). 

Do I really need a Base Coat?
Yes. The Base Coat is part of the three-component system and creates an adhesive bond between the nail plate and Gel Polish color, ensuring stability.

Do I need a LED or UV light to cure your Gel Polish?
Yes. As the curing process makes your nails durable, every layer must be cured under LED light (30-60 seconds per layer) or UV light (2 minutes per layer).

Why does the Gel Polish feel sticky after curing?
When Gel Polish is curing, a completely normal, sticky dispersion layer may form, which must be wiped off with the cleaner.

What to consider when using Gel Polish?
Keep tightly sealed, avoid direct sunlight, avoid all eye and skin contact. Can cause an allergic reaction. Discontinue use if sensitivity or irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

Is Gel Polish harmful?
No. Gel Polish does not harm the natural nail since the supply of oxygen occurs from the root (external oxygen supply is not needed at all as the top layer of a nail consists of dead horn cells and does not breathe). However, improper application or removal might cause damage to your nail plates.

Why my Gel Polish is chipping?
Only improper application or use of the product can cause chipping: If the nail plate is incorrectly prepared, incorrectly matted, and/or incorrectly degreased, if a too thick layer of Gel Polish is applied, or if the free nail edge is not properly coated, the Gel Polish may chip.

How do I remove your Gel Polish?
  1. To facilitate penetration of the Remover, remove any shine using a file, making sure to go around all of the edges of the nail and grind the whole surface.
  2. Soak the cotton pad of the Remover Wrap in the Remover until it is saturated.
  3. Put the soaked cotton on top of the buffed nail and wrap the aluminium foil tightly around the finger to keep the cotton in place.
  4. Repeat for all fingers.
  5. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the foil wraps and use a pusher or orange stick to remove any remaining Gel Polish.

Why am I not able to remove my Gel Polish easily?
Only improper application or use of the product can cause removal difficulties: If the upper layer of the nails got filed too thin and the product thus penetrated into the deeper layers of the plate, by combining different brands, due to insufficient use of Remover or due to too short absorption time, due to insufficient buffing of the nails before applying the Remover, due to exceeding the recommended exposure time or intensive solarium visits.